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  ACT AssemblyMachines  
Assembly Machines
  Our product offerings include bench-top assembly units, machine tool loading and conveyance, vision or probe based inspection machines, task-specific turnkey systems, and multi-station chassis-based automatic assembly machines.
  Assembly Machines
Assembly Machines
  We take pride in our ingenuity and forward thinking. For example, one proven platform is the cam-actuated synchronous rotary chassis. Our modifications to this time-tested design include improved indexing systems, lower base height to improve operator ergonomics, space saving electrical control box placement, and pendant-mounted touch screen control panels with data collection and instant feedback.
  Synchronous, asynchronous, power and free, in-line, rotary, high-speed – we can build a system to fit your needs.
  Preventive Maintenance
  In order to keep your automation equipment running dependably at peak performance levels, a proactive maintenance schedule is well advised. Remove the burden of automation maintenance from your staff and allow our experience, efficient technicians to examine and PM your equipment in the shortest time possible and with the best results.  We can also provide replacement tooling and commercial components for many standard platforms as well as specialized tooling.
  Trouble Shooting
  Even the best built machines can go out of tune.  A worn component can cause unacceptable deviations in your assembly process or completely cripple your machine.  We will help you uncover problems, fix them, and determine their root cause to help prevent recurrence.
  Station Redesign or Augmentation
  When product improvements or quality assurance issues dictate a change to your assembly equipment, we can design and implement the upgrades that will keep you competitive, efficient, and profitable.
  Systems Integration
  Robotics, vision inspection, inkjet printing…when your process requires specialized equipment already available to do the job, we can integrate those components into your new or existing equipmen
  Build to print
  Because they know their product and processes better than anyone, some customers prefer to design their own equipment.  If you have a pre-existing design but don’t have the resources to construct your machines, let us provide you with cost-effective, expert assembly services for your build-to-print project.