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Engineering and Design Design

Engineering Design

Automated Concepts & Tooling takes pride in both its Mechanical and Controls Engineering expertise. Mechanical designs are done in 3D solids for accuracy, easy configurability, and manufacturability. Electrical controls utilize the latest technology to combine affordable peak performance and an operator-friendly work station.
We would like to work with your engineers, machine technicians, and operators to design and build a machine that meets everyone’s expectations to cut manufacturing costs and improve quality.

If you are interested in a turnkey automation machine or system, you should know that we adhere to the premise that “simple is better” and try to keep our special tooling designs easy to build, use, and maintain.
We also can provide solutions on a variety of platforms that fit the requirements rather than trying to “shoe horn” everything into a predetermined and inflexible standard product line.

ACT Chassis

Our engineering is the heart of the machines we build, but we can also provide the service to you on a subcontract basis if that fits a current need. Please call us to let us know how we can help.