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Frequently Asked Questions of ACT

1. What benefits are there to automating our production?
At Automated Concepts & Tooling we feel there are three reasons to automate:
• to increase capacity
• to lower manufacturing costs
• to improve quality

2. How large a project can you handle?
Our team at ACT enjoys the challenges any size project brings. We will be happy to discuss your precision machining work at any level, and we have delivered assembly capital equipment ranging from several thousand dollars to just shy of $1 million.

3. Can we re-tool a machine we currently have to run another product?
The simple answer is “yes.” Depending on product similarity and the platform the equipment was built on, the change can be relatively straightforward. We will be glad to examine your equipment and recommend an effective plan for you.

4. How fast can you get it to me?
Lead times are always a concern in getting product to market and, obviously, vary from project to project. Appropriate, intelligent engineering and astute project management reduces assembly time, enhances project flow, and yields shorter lead times. At ACT we’ll work hard and smart in order to deliver your needs in the shortest time possible.

5. How can we reduce costs on our project?
At ACT we believe that simple is better. We strive to understand your needs to eliminate over-tolerancing. We apply cost-effective technology to benefit from reductions in electronic components, and we’ll make suggestions on hard tooling surface finishes, marking, and plating options to keep costs in check.